Whitney Littman
Sr. Director, Customer Success Management
Whitney Littman is a leader in the North America Enterprise Customer Success Management organization, overseeing a team passionate about aligning key business outcomes with the adoption of technology. Working with DocuSign’s Customer Success organization for the last 3+ years, she’s championed the need to find new and better ways to adapt to the changing ecosystem of our customers both across private industry and the government. Building a team that now delivers millions of dollars of realized value to our customers.

Whitney was luckily enough to stumble into Saas technology early in her career and found her passion at the intersection of customers and innovation. Holding a variety of different roles across professional services, sales, operations, and customer success, her constant has always been focused on delivering customer outcomes. Finding motivation and inspiration in the unique challenges that different industries encounter.

Not limited to technology, Whitney also holds the job of household CEO and toddler hairstylist. Catch her outside the office, working very hard on yoga proficiency; a skill her family seems to naturally have.
Whitney Littman