Georg Gerstenfeld
VP, Global Partner Ecosystem
Georg is currently the VP for DocuSign’s Global Partner Ecosystem, creating a network of partners around the world who integrate with DocuSign to streamline customers’ agreement workflows. Focused on industry solutions for Financial Services, Health & Life Sciences, Real Estate and more, Georg and his team strengthen DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud through partnership. As customers prepare, sign, act and manage on the various agreements in their organizations, they want data to flow between the software applications they use every day. DocuSign’s partner ecosystem brings those apps together.

Prior to this role, Georg was General Manager of DocuSign’s Global Real Estate Solutions Group where his team helped brokers, agents, property managers and home builders complete transactions from the moment they received a Lead to the moment a deed was recorded. DocuSign’s platform processes millions of real estate transactions each year and enables all the parties in a transaction to collaborate throughout the entire process.

A Silicon Valley veteran, Georg has run sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies including Intuit, and start-ups like Trulia. As GM of Trulia's Business Services Group, he oversaw the growth of the company’s agent and broker services, launching innovative new ad models on both the web and mobile.

Georg also has a passion for the environment. He founded Intuit Green to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and help its customers eliminate paper. At DocuSign, they’ve eliminated enough paper to replace every tree in Central Park over 200 times. He lives in Napa Valley with his wife Jeanine.
Georg Gerstenfeld