Request to Attend DocuSign Momentum 2019

Use this template to help justify your attendance at this year’s event. Check the conference website and your travel source for pricing information.

Dear (insert manager name)

I really want to attend DocuSign’s Momentum Customer Conference this year. DocuSign has just released a ton of new products that surround and go well beyond eSignature, and will be very important to our business.

The new products are all integrated into what DocuSign is calling the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. It spans the entirety of CLM and accelerates and simplifies the way agreements are prepared, signed, acted on and managed. It is going to change how companies do business, and we won’t want to be left behind.

At Momentum, I’ll have opportunities to learn how DocuSign customers are streamlining their business processes, providing better customer experiences, and improving ROI.

There are also classroom learning opportunities: hands-on skills-based training, consults with DocuSign’s Professional Services team, and sessions on topics specific to my role here that I can bring back to <insert your organization name>.

In just two days, this smart investment will pay off as I:

  • Learn how to accelerate our digital transformation, so we can be even more competitive
  • Understand the full range of DocuSign solutions, including integrations with other business applications we may use
  • See new product demos and meet DocuSign partners
  • Network with peers, as well as DocuSign technical staff and account managers
  • Share, and receive valuable expert feedback on our company’s own DocuSign story.

Please approve my request to attend.

Thank you!

<insert your name>