All you need to know about Legality and Data Privacy with DocuSign
Thursday, April 15, 2021, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Do you have questions about Legality and Data Privacy with DocuSign? This is the session for you! 

There are often many questions surrounding the legality of electronic signatures, when they can be used and whether they are legally binding. With the recent changes surrounding Brexit, there have been more questions raised about international and EU trades and the considerations surrounding data privacy laws.

Whether you're an existing customer or simply considering moving to digital processes, register for this breakout session and discover:

  • Why eSignature is more secure than a wet signature and where they can be used
  • How to ensure the legal validity and security of your agreements within the EU and afar
  • How to responsibly manage customer data under evolving privacy regulations
  • Watch a Live Demo of solutions that can reduce your risk and save you time
  • Ask questions in a live Q&A
Cynthia Rosser - Docusign
Dan Puterbaugh - Docusign
Dr Felix Wittern - Fieldfisher