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Consumers increasingly support organizations that prioritize sustainability. In this session, discover how companies that improve the environment through efficient business practices gain the added benefits of forging trust with customers and employees, reduced operating costs, and ultimately build more competitive brands.

Over a billion documents are notarized each year, the majority of which are completed in person and on paper. Manual notarization processes invite errors, delays and a poor signer experience. DocuSign Notary enables remote, electronically notarized agreements – a seamless signer experience that reduces risk of identity fraud.


Prepare for an AI-assisted agreement process. Join DocuSign legal and product leaders as they discuss how AI can enable automation and unlock value. From smart workflows to automated negotiations to intelligent obligation management, AI takes contract data management to a strategic business level.

As the number of DocuSign users and accounts at organizations continues to grow, administrators need tools to efficiently manage them. Learn how Admin Tools—Access Management with SSO and Organization Management—empower admins to consolidate and manage their DocuSign environments.

Construction companies are facing 40% YoY demand growth, unpredictable supply chains and labor shortages. Paper-based processes to manage construction agreements are not built for the complexities of today's industry. Net improved productivity and reduced risk by digitizing construction projects.

The Oregon Health Authority implemented eSignature and CLM simultaneously to gain contract visibility and speed, resulting in an 80% gain in contracting efficiency. Learn how they did it in this customer-led session featuring Mick Mitchell, Director of Business Operations at Oregon Health Authority.


Learn about the award-winning DocuSign eSignature API that quickly integrates eSignature into your app or website. We cover the most common integrations and key features such as custom branding, 2-factor authentication, and SMS delivery—making requests for e-signatures simple and secure.

Contract Lifecycle Management is an investment priority for many legal departments, but there is no “one size fits all” approach. DocuSign contracting solutions are modular and built for your needs today, tomorrow and beyond. Customers share the importance of integrations, right-sizing investments, and building support.


Here's where you'll learn how to evaluate the efficiency of your DocuSign API integrations. Get guidance on how to optimize those integrations with best practices to deliver a superior experience to your users.

Build your first API-based DocuSign integration and send your first envelope. In this session, you'll get a primer on eSignature basics and a tour of the DocuSign Developer Center with all the tools you need to get started, from Quickstarts to API Explorer.

Digitizing your university’s paperwork brings numerous benefits: saving staff time and improving student experiences, to name two. In this session, learn how UT Austin maximized their DocuSign eSignature investment by leveraging the Agreement Cloud – and how you can, too.


Join us for a session where we cover exactly what an e-signature is, what makes them legally binding, whether they’re valid in the US and elsewhere, and whether there are exceptions.


DocuSign for Forests has committed over $2.5M to organizations working to preserve the world’s forests, while our industry-leading e-signature product has saved millions of trees by replacing paper with digital agreements. Learn why protecting forests is only one part of a larger sustainability story.

Discover helpful productivity tips to speed up eSignature document preparation. You'll learn to automate document routing, generate self-serve documents for signature, manage sends on behalf of others, and more.

On average, healthcare staff spend 5 hrs/day faxing, printing and scanning forms. Maximize your DocuSign investment by driving scale across departments. See how to automate complex document workflows for HR, IT, medical records, and other departments, so your staff can focus on what matters most.

Today, customers, employees and partners don’t just want—but expect—convenient, fast and flexible mobile experiences. The days of pinching and zooming on a small screen to read and act on agreements are over. Exceed expectations with a modern mobile sending and signing experience.

From title transfers to trusts, notarizations are a key part of high-value transactions in banking, wealth, and insurance. Learn how you can use the DocuSign experience you know and love to securely send, sign, and notarize these critical agreements remotely.


This live training steps beyond eSignature basics to cover expanded utilities and guidance on streamlining processes. Discover PowerForms, Bulk Send, advanced Template features, plus essential administrative settings for reporting, agreement actions, signing groups and substitute signers.


Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the focus of this live training session. Learn to create, manage, and electronically sign agreements using Docusign CLM. Discussion will cover key aspects of contract management throughout the lifecycle of your most important agreements.


Out-of-the-box integrations with popular partner solutions make it simple to add DocuSign eSignature to your existing workflows. This live training steps you through how to add secure, electronic signing to productivity software you already use, like Google, Microsoft, and Slack.


Negotiation is the longest stage of the contracting process by a wide margin, so getting it right can have a huge impact on time to contract for any business. DocuSign is reimagining collaboration in CLM to modernize how internal and external parties work on contracts.

As a key stakeholder at the intersection of legal, technology, and business, legal teams are playing a critical and strategic role bridging these siloed functions and driving efficiency and transformation in the process. In this lightning session, we’ll discuss key trends in legal operations and the next frontier for the legal department, contract analytics and lifecycle management, which is ripe for digital transformation and on the precipice of converging with eDiscovery. We’ll explore the AI and workflow philosophy behind this convergence and the relevant factors that make this an area rich with opportunities for contract analytics. We’ll discuss and share the Cimplifi-commissioned research conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors based on interviews with 31 legal operations leaders which supports the expanding mandate of legal operations leaders to drive more value in the legal department by driving change. Legal operations leaders are the forward-thinkers, the change agents, and drivers of efficiency in the legal department with the potential to be a driving force of contract analytics.

Learn how Guided Forms powered by SmartIQ can take your organization to the next level with an intelligent approach to digitizing manual form-based applications in an intuitive design interface. As part of DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud, Guided Forms “prepares” organizations for reducing manual work and improve organizational efficiency with prefilled guided interviews that connects to existing data and systems.

Hear real-world stories of how some of the largest enterprises in financial services, insurance and healthcare in the U.S. have achieved significant improvements in customer experience and efficiency by using DocuSign Guided Forms. See how these firms are digitally transforming the process of capturing information and preparing documents for e-signing.


As companies modernize their business to keep up with the quickly evolving market trends, technologies like Salesforce CPQ enable complex pricing, multiple revenue models, bundling, and unique customization. DocuSign CLM pairs flawlessly with CPQ to maintain data integrity from document generation, through negotiation to signature. Join ATG, a Cognizant Company, and Jellyfish, a global digital marketing partner, to discuss the success of a CPQ and CLM Integration in the modern market!


A quick introduction to Freshsales and how our integration with DocuSign helps businesses close deals faster right from within the CRM, without the hassle of switching between tabs.

While the reasons for implementing a CLM solution are many and the specific success criteria may vary, there are still certain things that set the great solutions apart from the rest. This talk will overview a series of characteristics that Marshfield Consulting considers to be an essential part of any great implementation of CLM.

Sales deals can often languish in a frustrating state of limbo between disparate systems, manual processes, and overworked legal teams. Close deals faster by integrating and automating the entire process using DocuSign CLM. Morae’s Mary Jummati explains how and talks about the tangible benefits.

CLM is not just about technology. Organizations should consider a CLM initiative as a business transformation opportunity to optimize your CLM processes through automation and best practices.


Discover how DocuSign CLM helps growing businesses execute more efficiently by streamlining contracts and automating busywork to get organized, and easily collaborate across teams. Get set up in weeks, not months, and easily integrated with Salesforce to get work done, fast.


Plan the next steps in your Agreement Cloud implementation. We cover the different paths to building custom DocuSign workflows, including how to use DocuSign APIs and leverage integration partners, for tailored experiences without in-house developer resources.

From hiring and onboarding new employees to supporting employees through their careers, there are countless agreements throughout the employee lifecycle. DocuSign eSignature integration with Workday HCM simplifies HR business processes by digitizing and automating employee paperwork.

No-code and low-code tools to automate document workflows are the focus of this session. Learn ways to augment centralized IT and developer resources to enable your employees to build compliant and efficient customizations.


Get the most out of eSignature for Salesforce! Learn about newer features and some of the best ways to set up your organization for success.

DocuSign Centers of Excellence are not one-size-fits-all. Determining which operating model your organization needs depends on your business goals, resources, and constraints. Learn about the centralized and distributed models and which one you need based on your innovation and control needs. Then, discover how to get your own Center of Excellence up and running.


In this live training, master the basics of DocuSign eSignature. Prepare documents for signature, sign any document sent to you, manage envelopes, create templates, and apply custom branding. Admins get guidance on user management and key security settings—and there are support resources for all.

How many different types of documents do you encounter on a daily basis? How often do you recreate the same ones, over and over? Easily automate document generation with DocuSign Gen. What’s more, it integrates with Salesforce and Slack.

Your DocuSign solution is live, but how do you measure user adoption and change management efforts? In this session, learn best practices to identify adoption wins and growth areas through DocuSign reports and tools, and how to leverage that data to successfully drive digital transformation.


The days of printing, scanning, faxing, and difficult-to-use systems for real estate transactions are over. Learn how you can build a modern real estate transaction experience that your agents and clients expect, gain a competitive edge, and grow your brokerage business with DocuSign.

Need to speed up approval times for life science initiatives? Learn to improve compliant "opt-in" rates from your most important stakeholders. Product experts highlight new and advanced features, including 21 CFR Part 11 enhancements, that are most relevant to Life Science organizations.

Get in the know about what’s possible beyond eSignature by exploring the full contract process from generation to workflows to storage. Learn about how tools like SMS delivery, Payments, ID verification and contract lifecycle management help growing businesses reduce risk, close deals faster and ditch the busywork.


Customer expectations have placed increased pressure on companies to deliver frictionless online experiences. Hear how Driva and Robust Intelligence are incorporating DocuSign into e-commerce like experiences across B2C and B2B businesses from start to finish: from capturing consent to signing the final agreement.


Streamline contract operations across your entire quote-to-cash cycle. DocuSign for Salesforce embeds tools for document generation, negotiation, signing, and risk analysis. Customers shares how they leveraged CLM to simplify contract generation and surface risk right inside Salesforce.

Today’s users demand modern, digital-first experiences. That means speed, simplicity and security. The ideal agreement infrastructure should leverage the latest technologies like AI and machine learning to give employees and customers an elegant process that increases productivity and profitability.

Join us for an interactive presentation led by our industry experts Logan Malone and Natasha Mistry at Spaulding Ridge to learn how to increase business value and efficiencies through connecting multiple software platforms with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. They will focus on companies in the manufacturing space who are reducing risk to their operation by leveraging the value of connected contracting with other inventory and demand planning tools using a contract lifecycle management system.


More and more companies around the world are committing to take action on climate change, but many feel that progress is slow and we are running out of time. Join us over the lunch hour to hear sustainability experts discuss the importance of businesses taking meaningful action on climate change and learn how the DocuSign Agreement Cloud can further support your own sustainability efforts.

As the volume and complexity of contracts grow, so does the demand for resources to create and analyze those contracts. Many companies use AI to help meet that demand, but what steps are they taking and what are the outcomes? Learn about DocuSign’s approach to AI in contract management and hear use cases from our customer and partners.

Borrowers overwhelmingly welcome opportunities to engage digitally during the mortgage process – lenders don’t always seem so sure. In today’s market of declining refi opportunities and increased competition, the time has come to explore ways to digitize key components of your mortgage experience.


The acceleration of digital adoption and transformation initiatives during the pandemic have made it clear. The Future of Lending is Digital. While the regulatory landscape for digital lending can be complex, your path to digital transformation doesn't need to be. In this Lightening Talk, you’ll gain • Expert insider insights based on the success of thousands of early adopters across all digital lending asset classes • Proven strategies to simplify regulatory compliance and accelerate innovation • Technology enabled best practices to help you quickly realize the benefits of digital and achieve scale


Remote online notarization (RON) facilitates legal notarizations without signers and notaries having to be in the same physical location. More than 35 US states have enacted RON, with most of the remaining states to follow. Learn about the changing landscape of electronic notarization, the legality of RON, and more.


DocuSign AI is used by premier organizations to analyze agreement risk and opportunity—and that’s just the beginning! Hear from Steve Krause, DocuSign SVP of Strategy and Product Marketing, on why this enabling technology is so valuable to DocuSign’s customers and essential to the future of the Agreement Cloud.


Smart Agreements represent a fundamental transformation from 'pictures of paper' to 'documents as data'. This talk focuses on how to automate contracts through integration with business tools, verifying critical information and initiating the agreement process—all from the agreement itself.

As we look to the future of work, one thing is certain: creating exceptional experiences—whether in person or virtual—will be critical for success. Join and hear how we’re building a culture of belonging and putting our people first by focusing on positively impacting their personal and professional communities.

What's ahead for DocuSign products and platform? In this interactive session, you'll go behind the scenes with our product management team to see our recently released and near-term product roadmap with demonstrations and a Q&A.


Hear how Uber, a global technology company, navigated a model Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) implementation and successful go-live launch. Their secret weapon: a skilled Program Owner responsible for timelines, readiness and training.


Whether its customer experiences or employee workflows, how you interact with stakeholders is a vital part of what differentiates your business. Learn to customize your DocuSign processes so that those interactions serve the unique needs that distinguish you from your competition, by using DocuSign APIs.


Integration is an obvious solution to the inefficiencies, information silos, and increased risk caused by disconnected systems. But there’s a right way to go about it. Learn how DocuSign elevates integrations to enable flexibility, so systems can work and evolve together with our Connections Framework.

Manufacturers that don’t address uncertainty in the face of disruption risk falling behind. Digitizing paper processes helps reduce risk and increase throughput. Join us to learn how your peers are already using DocuSign in their digitization efforts to manage their workforce, suppliers, and sales.

Heightened cybersecurity threats expose the need for vigilant threat detection. DocuSign Monitor provides in-depth visibility to help detect unauthorized account activity in near real-time. Learn best practices for optimizing alerts, investigating incidents, and promptly addressing verified threats.

For agreements that are high value or involve Know Your Customer (KYC), identity assurance is critical for compliance and risk mitigation. Learn how DocuSign increases trust by integrating digital identification and authentication with a mobile-first signing experience.


Join us for the opening keynote where:

  • UPS will share how they adopted an enterprise-wide initiative to modernize their entire contracting process with DocuSign CLM.
  • Fidelity illustrates how they help customers get to financial wellness with ease using DocuSign eSignature and DocuSign Notary.
  • Ariel Investments will talk about what we can do to be more agreeable in this fractious world.
  • Salesforce delivers a powerful message around customer cloud meets agreement cloud.

Jay Shetty, best-selling author of Think Like a Monk, brings his inspirational life approach to Momentum.

Learn to think differently about values and process. Jay’s talk will open our minds to:

  • Anyone can be an agent of change
  • Start affecting change within our own domains
  • Create meaningful change in challenging circumstances

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