Pre-Conference Certification Training

  • Web Application Administration
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  • Mastering Templates
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  • SpringCM Essentials
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  • SpringCM Process Automation
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  • How to Accelerate Agreements
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  • Meet Gen: DocuSign Gen for Salesforce

    Accelerating and automating signature collection is not enough. Learn about DocuSign's new document generation product purpose-built for small and medium-sized businesses. Find out how you can close deals faster by automatically generating polished agreements form Salesforce opportunity data in just a few clicks.

  • Build a better mortgage with DocuSign's Digital Closing solutions

    Learn about the newest solution to DocuSign's goal of making the home buying process digital from end to end. DocuSign Rooms for Mortgage delivers a digital environment for the borrower, lender and settlement agent, and leverages DocuSign's broader suite of solutions for Digital Closing—including eSignature, eNotary, eNote, and eVault.

  • Shaping the Product Roadmap

    What's coming down the pike for DocuSign's products and platform? In this interactive session, go behind the scenes with our product management team to see what's in store for our near-term product roadmap and help shape the future of the DocuSign System of Agreement Platform.

  • Life Sciences Innovation: Navigating Regulatory Compliance with Confidence

    Faced with rising development costs and looming patent expiries, life science organizations are under pressure to accelerate time to market while adhering to rigorous compliance standards. Relying on legacy systems and manual processes is a thing of the past. Learn how industry leaders are implementing a modern System of Agreement and simplifying validation with DocuSign while accelerating processes for clinical development and distribution and reducing regulatory risk.

  • (SpringCM) Make Your Contracts More Agreeable: The Future of Contract Management

    With next-generation technologies and user interactions, forward-thinking companies are beginning to go beyond traditional contracts and documents. Modern Systems of Agreement are fundamentally transforming the way documents are generated, structured, negotiated, approved, stored, and verified. Watch the future of agreements come to life with voice activated document generation, enhanced security via blockchain, easy workflow with email integration and contract term recognition via AI.


  • The Modern Workplace: Agreeable HR

    HR departments are increasingly facing pressures to modernize and better manage a global and mobile workforce, create a positive brand experience, and increase process efficiency. Learn how HR leaders are addressing these challenges by modernizing their Systems of Agreement and creating digital relationships with their employees, candidates and partner.

  • Agreeable Insurance

    Today’s insurance customer expects to buy a policy or make a claim at the speed of Amazon. The transition to digital presents an opportunity to manage risk and compliance while improving the customer experience in a cost efficient manner. Learn how insurance leaders are modernizing their Systems of Agreement to win in this changing landscape – connecting legacy systems, investing in mobile, and ensuring compliance.

  • Let's Get Banking

    The modern bank wins by being easy to bank with - in branches, on mobile, or through any channel a customer chooses. For account openings, loan applications, and other agreements, DocuSign enables a faster, easier experience by eliminating paper, being mobile-native, and delivering a clicks-not-code platform that offers industry-leading security, auditability, and uptime.

  • The Department of Paper. How the IDEA Act will modernize the citizen experience

    The federal government spends $38 billion a year managing paper-based processes. If the Department of Paper were a federal agency, it would have the 7th largest agency budget. But in two years, paper forms will be no more. With the 21st Century IDEA Act, improving the citizen and employee experience is no longer a choice. It’s a mandate.

  • Driving Patient Engagement with a Connected Experience in Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Bringing new products to market and getting them in the hands of patients requires countless agreements from R&D to patient and physician engagement. Learn from leading healthcare and life science organizations who are accelerating product development, reinventing patient care, and improving compliance by implementing a purpose-built System of Agreement to digitize core processes like clinical operations, revenue cycle management, and physician credentialing.

  • Building an Institution-Wide IT Strategy to Engage Students

    Meeting student expectations is an increasingly tall order for higher education institutions. Industry leaders are building IT strategies that integrate systems and processes across the campus in order to increase student engagement and connectivity. Gain insights on the impact of building an integrated, purpose-built System of Agreement in higher education.

  • Developing your Blueprint for Success

    DocuSign Customer Success team has helped thousands of businesses accelerate and simplify agreement processes. Learn from your peers' experiences and our expertise helping others create and execute their vision for a modern System of Agreement. You'll come away with strategies and best practices, tools, and services to take the next step in your journey.

  • Delivering a Modern Consumer Experience That Gets Results

    Consumers have more options than ever, putting pressure on businesses to deliver a unique offering that's easy to interact with through any channel at any time. Learn how leaders have implemented the DocuSign System of Agreement to deliver a modern consumer experience that's frictionless, builds loyalty and grows sales.

  • The Retail Makeover: Modernizing Business for a Changing Landscape

    The retail industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. New systems and tools are available to streamline how departments operate from HR to Sourcing to the store floor or eCommerce website. Contracting is one very important process that needs to be modernized. Learn from retail peers about how they have implemented a modern System of Agreement and dig into the results they've seen.

  • (SpringCM) Tips and Tricks for Driving Change Management in Your Organization

    Driving a team to adopt a new process is never easy. It can often be difficult to communicate clearly and encourage others to accept the change. Our change management experts will help you learn how to effectively communicate change and frame the story for your audience, create a governance plan and training cadence, and establish measurable goals and objectives to track your progress and ease the pain for your team.

  • Accelerating Your Sales Cycle with DocuSign and Salesforce

    Today's Sales teams are under more pressure than ever - customers have access to more information, they demand a better experience, and have an abundance of choice. Learn how Sales teams can deliver an amazing customer experience while also freeing up selling time for their reps with DocuSign’s growing set of solutions purpose-built for Salesforce, including eSignature, document generation, and contract lifecycle management.


  • Responsive Signing

    In this session, we will go over the basics of a responsive signing experience, explain the differences vs our legacy approach, and show the applications of responsive signing. We will also cover template conversion to responsive HTML, constructing a sender-defined HTML experience, and show some code examples.

  • Getting Agreements Fast with DocuSign Click API and Clickwrap

    Meet Click, our new terms of service tool that presents agreements by way of an embedded widget. We will walk developers through creating a Clickwrap, how to create a new clickwrap with the Click API, managing a clickwrap version, how to manage an existing Clickwrap by creating a new version with the API, retrieving clickwrap responses, how to retrieve Clickwrap responses with the API, and embedding a clickwrap into your site.

  • Embedded Signing

    This 60 minute hands-on workshop provides the steps to create embedded signing workflows. Learn how to seamlessly embed the DocuSign API into your apps, websites, and embedded systems, thereby eliminating context-switching.

  • Composite Envelopes

    We will offer developers a breakdown of the three types of envelopes: 1) Basic 2) Templated 3) Composite and demo each envelope type using the same use case. We will then extend the workflow of the use case into a more complex example and walk through how composite envelopes handle each use case.

  • Advanced Embedded Signing: Responsive Signing Including Smart Sections

    In this session, we will go over DocuSign's responsive signing experience in depth and show the applications of responsive signing. We will cover PDF to HTML Conversion, Using JSON Markers, DocuSign HTML Elements and Attributes, and how to add Smart Sections.

  • Authentication Overview

    It can be difficult to know which type of authentication to use for your integration. We will go over the three forms of OAuth DocuSign offers and offer guidelines and best practices for using each type within your DocuSign integration. We will cover Auth Code Grant , implicit grant, and JWT grant and their primary use cases. We will demo using Postman and our in-house App Launcher tool to illustrate the use cases and differences.

  • JWT

    Why is JWT the preferred method for most DocuSign integrations? We'll shed light on why most developers need to use JWT and how it differs from the other authentication flows. We'll also highlight some 'gotchas' that devs run into with it.

  • Save your API Calls! Developing with Connect and Webhooks

    We'll walk through setting up a Connect listener, hooking it up to an AWS Lambda function, and building an API Gateway entrypoint that calls the Lambda function. We'll demo the whole flow using a DocuSign envelope and display the Connect message in CloudWatch logs.

  • DocuSign for Salesforce: the developer’s view

    This course will cover how to write a custom Apex class that uses the Apex Toolkit to make calls to the DocuSign API from within Salesforce. We will go over installing our new DFS Essentials package and using our Apex Toolkit, provide an overview of some of the services the tookit offers, and then demo an example custom class sending an envelope.

  • Architectural Guidance Best Practices

    In this session, we’ll discuss different levels of integration and how their scope can either limit or enhance your growth and ROI. We will explore the pros and cons of each level, identify the “sweet spots” for you to target when designing and building an integration, and chat best practices to incorporate in your design.